Landscape services

We provide a multitude of landscaping services, most are listed below. If you would like a quote or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to know more about our tree surgeon services then please visit our tree care page.


Full preparation and Laying - We will cut and remove your old lawn and prepare your soil to its optimum condition ready for turfing. We do this by rotorvating, and levelling. If the soil quality is bad we will import screened loam topsoil to ensure good results. As always, we concentrate on attention to detail and on achieving a top quality finish.

Lawn Care

We offer Aeration, Scarifying, Top-dressing, Over-seeding and Fertilisation services to enable customers to renovate tired lawns and to maintain good ones.

Fencing and Decking


Lap panels or close board panels are a type of screen fence used in rear gardens. The initial cost is the lowest of all solid screen fences available. Life expectancy is less than fences such as close board. Lap panels are not suitable for exposed locations.

Continental panels have become really popular as they offer an architectural appearance and work well in a garden with landscaping. They are best suited to reasonably level sites.


Close board fencing is a robust and longer lasting alternative. It is used for providing privacy and security. The materials used to make the fence may be varied meaning that the strength, appearance and cost of the fence can be matched to suit your budget. Ideal location for sloping ground levels as well as even.


Picket fencing is a robust fence that gives vision through it. It is used for boundary fencing where full privacy is not required. Ideal location for sloping ground levels as well as even.


Decking can be designed to fit in to any space large or small, elevated or on ground level. This is a superb way to extend you home outdoors. It is durable offers year round use and can often be cheaper traditional patios.

Patios and Raised borders

We are very happy to provide ideas and suggestions for improvements and listen to customers requirements. And can produce designs on request to give customers a visual of what to expect.

In order to try and keep our costs as low as possible we use local materials and suppliers.We can incorporate garden walls and feature walls into the project with steps and retaining walls too.

Raised borders in brickwork or railway sleepers.



Urban Forest can design and plant any type of hedge, helping you choose the right type of hedge for your requirements. Fast growing and “instant” hedges are available for rapid screening.

The main types of hedges are as follows, other species can be used, please ask us for advice on species choice.

Formal hedges, these withstand close clipping: Beech, Common Box, Holly, Berberis, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Lawson & Leyland Cypress, Yew

Security hedge or protecting a vulnerable position (lots of vicious thorns): Holly, Berberis, Hawthorn, Blackthorn

Informal, flowering hedges Evergreen: Cotoneaster lacteus, Pyracantha, Escallonia. Deciduous: Hawthorn, Potentilla, Roses.


Trees are supplied cheapest as bare-root transplants during the dorment winter months. Planting needs to be well planned as the trees are supplied from the nurseries straight away after they are dug up from the planting beds, and should be planted as soon as possible after delivery. Problems can occur from rough handling and if left too long, the roots are prone to drying out (dessication) or can succumb to rot.

When planting it is essential that the trees are kept in their bags until they are ready to be placed gently into the holes. Roots can quickly dry out if exposed to the wind. Tree shelters and canes are used to protect young trees during their intitial growing years. Urban Forest can offer advice as to what species and size are suitable for the location you have in mind

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