Hampshire Tree Surgery

What we do:

  • Thinning

    Branches removed from within the tree letting light through the canopy and also reducing the sail effect of the tree, leaving the crown unaffected.

  • Crown lifting

    Increase the distance between the crown and the ground level. Sometimes required over paths (2.4m) and highways (5.2m).

  • Crown Reduction

    Crown reduction is when all the branches are brought in reducing the overall size of the tree whilst keeping its natural shape.

  • Dead Wooding

    Removing dead or dying branches for safety and aesthetic reasons.

  • Pollarding

    This is where all stems / small branches are removed to a height of around 2-3m encouraging lateral branches, but once this process is started it must be continued at regular intervals.

  • Coppicing

    Where young trees are cut to a foot or so above ground level. In doing so, a multitude of new shoots are encouraged.

  • Stump Grinding

    A machine used to grind away stumps below ground level leaving only wood chip.

  • Fruit Tree Pruning

    Promoting growth and longevity of a fruit tree.

  • Hedge Pruning / Cutting / Trimming

    All types of hedges and bushes trimmed.

  • Tree Planting

    We can supply an extensive range of trees supplied and planted, tree planting is sometimes stipulated in a tree application.

  • Storm Damage

    We offer a 24hr call out service and can accommodate insurance work in the case of fallen trees.

All our tree services are carried out by our qualified tree surgeons to BS3998 recommendations

This includes: taking the necessary safety precautions; preparation; pruning; nutrition; hygiene; taking seasonal conditions into consideration; tree and stump removal/disposal; tree and plant transplants; landscaping; domestic and commercial work for urban and rural areas; and bracings.

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